Moonshine made from Sweet feed.

As I was checking my email, I received a blog from Countryfarm Lifestyles with a new recipe for moonshine.

This recipe was submitted by George from Dinwiddie, VA (so I am assuming that this is his recipe), and since I KNOW that we have so many an Earthineer that likes their liquid suppliments, I thought that I would post it.

Moonshine recipe using Sweet feed by George (Dinwiddie, VA)

In a 5 gallon bucket fill with sweet feed about 4 inches
from the bottom. Add warm water just enough to cover feed. Add 7 lbs of sugar
and stir to dissolve, then adding very warm water enough to fill bucket to about
3/4 full.

Now dissolve 2 packages of dry yeast in a little jar of warm
water and pour into bucket, stir well to mix.

Next, fill bucket to about two inches from the top with
water, cover with lid but not too tight, it must be able to breathe. Let set
for about 4 or five days.

if the temperature gets into 90's or higher, the mash will be ready in 3 days maybe 4 at most.

This moonshine recipe will yield about 1/2 gallon of shine.


Just thought that I would share the "recipe."