Over-ripe Corn

This time of year, some of the ears of corn get past you and don't get eaten fresh.  When I have even a single ear of overripe corn, I husk it, set it on a grate to dry and when dry enough for the kernals to come off easily, I rub the kernals off into a box to put by the stove to finish drying.  There is a lot of moisture in corn kernals and in order to keep for winter feed, it needs to dry completely.  A neighbor gives me his corn stalks for animal feed in the fall and after a tragic incident a few years back with a corn cob, we remove the ears and I dry them.  The chickens will love the treat this winter. 

I remember when I first started asking around about drying corn, everyone said to blanch it and dry it.  What a mess.  The old farmers used to dry it in the ear and put it in the corn crib to finish drying, why couldn't I just dry it.  If I have extra room in the dehydrator, I will stick a few ears in there to hurry it along, but it isn't necessary.  They will just air dry.  I just dry anything past its prime, starchy, for feed.