Dough Enhancers For Bread Baking

Dough enhancers are a fun, natural and easy way to change the texture and flavor of your homemade bread.  Sugar, honey, oil, and eggs all serve the purpose of enhancing the main ingredients in the dough.  It’s helpful to know what can be used as an enhancer and how it works before experimenting. 

A few of my favorite:

Ginger – works to kick start the yeast, as well as serving as a mild preservative.  Produces fluffier, lighter bread.  In addition, ginger has many great qualities, such as helping with digestive problems.

Lemon Juice or Ascorbic Acid powder - Works as a preservative, extending the life of the loaf, as well as reducing oxidation which benefits the yeast.

Gluten – a protein found in wheat, helps to create lighter bread.  It’s what makes the elasticity in the dough. Most high quality bread flours will contain higher gluten levels, but it still doesn’t hurt to add a little more.

Egg yolk or Lecithin – works to retain moisture in the bread, as well as produces softer bread.  I would suggest reading up on Lecithin, as I’ve read differing information on the health benefits/dangers of Lecithin. 

Dry milk – works to retain moisture, as well as serving as a dough relaxer.

Once a favorite recipe is found, simply combine the ingredients into a container for later use.  Usually a couple of teaspoons do the trick, depending on what's been combined. 


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