Earthineer Release Notes

February, 23, 2016 - Version 3.1.7

Market fixes

  • Fixed - Still working out some bugs on the My Activity page.

February, 18, 2016 - Version 3.1.6

Market fixes

  • Fixed - Fixed a few more issues with the My Activity page.

February, 17, 2016 - Version 3.1.5

Market fixes

  • Fixed - Fixed two navigation bugs on the My Activity page.

February, 16, 2016 - Version 3.1.4

Market updates

  • Fixed - Improved some speed issues in the My Activity section.
  • Fixed - Fixed a missing "Drop" button on certain market items in the My Activity section.

February, 11, 2016 - Version 3.1.3

Bug fix and seed swap improvement

  • Update - Sharing seed listings that are pay-it-forward items now include #tradeSeeds & #payitforward.
  • Fixed - Fixed a display issue for market items with no available location data.

February, 3, 2016 - Version 3.1.2

Getting ready to #tradeSeeds!

  • Update - New home page and a new separate join (sign-up) form.
  • Update - New Seed Swap page.
  • Update - New announcement feature to post notes to everyone.
  • Update - Added related content to articles.
  • Update - Some minor adjustments as we gear up for the seed swap.
  • Fixed - Fixed an issue that caused related content to not show up.

February, 3, 2016 - Version 3.1.1

Minor improvments

  • Fixed - Fixed an issue where some content was not showing up in user's activity feeds.
  • Fixed - Fixed an issue with the local earthineers page.
  • Fixed - Added a very basic 404 page that will help us better track errors served.

January, 30, 2016 - Version 3.1.0

Local Earthineers!

  • New - We have a new page! We now have a way to find local earthineers.
  • Fixed - Fixed an error with posting market items without a zipcode.
  • Fixed - Fixed an issue with deleting comments on links.
  • Fixed - Fixed an issue with comments on articles.
  • Fixed - Fixed some slowness on My Profile pages.
  • Fixed - Fixed an issue where users could not change their avatar on touch enabled devices.
  • Fixed - Fixed some issues related to the onboarding flow.

This update includes other minor updates and bug fixes.

January, 27, 2016 - Version 3.0.6

Quick bugfix on the activity feeds

January, 22, 2016 - Version 3.0.5

More improvements and bug fixes.

  • Fixed - Restores @mentions in posts. We're still working to improve this further, but it's now working again.
  • Fixed - Fixed some general styling issues including some overflowing text issues.
  • Fixed - Fixed an issue with posting links on versions of Internet Explorer

This update includes other minor updates and bug fixes.

January, 18, 2016 - Version 3.0.4

Subtle improvements and bug fixes.

  • Update - Improves profile - changes "Interests" to "Topics" to avoid confusion. Removes ability to edit here.
  • Update - Adds a bit more description to the post box.
  • Fixed - Fixed a bad link on link posts
  • Fixed - Fixed an issue where white text was used in a search input (white background).

January, 15, 2016 - Version 3.0.3

Bug fixes.

  • Fixed - Fixed an issue with posting links from touch-screen devices.
  • Fixed - Fixed an issue coments on link posts not updating the feed as intended.

January, 14, 2016 - Version 3.0.2

Bug fixes.

  • Fixed - Addressed a complaint users had with the local range slider on being on the All Activity Feed

This update also includes other minor fixes.

January, 13, 2016 - Version 3.0.1

Bug fixes.

  • Fixed - Fixed layout issues with the local range slider on versions of Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed - Fixed a bug with submitting links on touch devices.
  • Fixed - Fixed a bug with uploading profile banner images.
  • Fixed - Fixed a bug with displayig replies to messages.

January, 13, 2016 - Version 3.0.0

There's been a social upheaval!

Say hello to topics, feeds and following! Gone are the days of walled-off groups and double opt-in friend requests. Earthineer is now a lot more open.

  • New - Topics - The new way we organize content. Whether it's an article, link, update or market item, you can now tag your content with a topic to share it with everyone following that topic. Every topic has it's own profile and activity feed.
  • New - Follow - You can now simply follow the stuff you're interested in. Follow topics, friends, experts, articles and even conversations. Just click to follow!
  • New - Feeds - We've completely redesigned your dashboard; now found in Activity Feeds. We've built a few different feeds so you can focus on just the activity you're looking for.
  • New - Profile - We've completely revamped your profile page. Check it out!

There are many other improvements included in this release. Have a look around and let us know what you think!

September, 23 2015 - Version 2.10.3

Bug fix

August, 26 2015 - Version 2.10.2

Hot fix!

  • Fixed - Fixed a bug preventing the "forgot password" form to submit

August, 26 2015 - Version 2.10.1

Hot fix!

  • Fixed - Fixed a 404 page when when hitting the browser back button after viewing a pin

August, 26 2015 - Version 2.10

Fresh new stuff!

  • Updated - We made some UI improvements to our Featured page, the site header, as well as the login and join pages.
  • Fixed - Fixed an issue which broke the ability to mention other users using "@".
  • Fixed - Fixed an issue that prevented videos to be added to blog articles.
  • Fixed - Fixed an issue with pin boards for non-logged-in users.
  • Fixed - Fixed an issue where images uploaded to a blog article were too large and pixelated.

July, 3 2015 - Version 2.9.1

Bug fixes!

  • Fixed - Fixed a scrolling issue with certain pages on webkit browsers (Google Chrome, Apple Safari (mobile and desktop). This fix, however, keeps horizontal scroll bars from showing up on the same browsers. We're looking for a long term solution that fixes both. Stay tuned!
  • Fixed - Fixed a style issue with some dropdown menus.

July, 2 2015 - Version 2.9

We've been workin'!

  • New Feature - We added recommended content (blog articles, pins, and other listings) on market listings.
  • Updated - In an effort to avoid some confusion, we removed all actions (commenting, liking, pinning and following) from wall posts created by blog articles. Now, actions can be done directly on the linked blog article. Simply visit the article to do so. If you'd like to read more about this update, check out this post by Dan Adams
  • Updated - We completely redesigned the view for all blog articles! We focused on creating an excelent reading experience
  • Fixed - Several issues on older versions of Internet Explorer (but please update those browsers!)

June, 12 2015 - Version 2.8.1

Hot fix!

  • Fixed - There was still a bug after loading a certain number of listings while browsing the market catalog. This should now be fixed. For real this time :-)
  • Fixed - An issue where hidden listings were no longer visible for users who had initiated activity prior to listing being set to hidden.
  • Update - General UI improvements

June, 8 2015 - Version 2.8

We're working hard to make better!

  • Updated - We love the Earthineer logo so much we decided to improve it! If you looked closely, the old logo had some rough spots that we wanted to smooth out. Done and done.
  • New - With the new logo, comes new browser icons (favicon) and app icons for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Save to your home screen to check them out!
  • Update - Market place filters are now toggled hidden on page load on smaller screens/devices.
  • Fixed - Fixed an issue where hidden listings were still showing up in the additional listings by user.
  • Fixed - Fixed an issue where the market (Browse Catalog) would stop loading new items.
  • Update - General UI improvements

May, 13 2015 - Version 2.7.18

Welcome to our first set of release notes! This update includes a fix and several updates.

  • New Feature - Earthineers can now hide their market items from the catalog
  • Update - Improved layout of market filters on smaller screens/devices
  • Update - General UI improvements
  • Update - Updated our new member signup email
  • Fixed - Fixed an issue in the barter interface