Development Roadmap

We have a lot on our development roadmap, and we wanted to give you an idea on what we're working on, and where we're taking this. In the meantime, feel free to contact us.

Recently Deployed:

  • New design for the Marketplace (we're tackling the design for the social side next)
  • Marketplace catalog now keeps your search choices and place when you click on a listing and then hit the back button in the browser.
  • My Wants now loads as a search "filter"
  • Seed Swap page added and sponsors
  • Create Listing - simplified the listing, opened up "Sell" as an option, added sub-categories to Seeds.
  • Default page now set to Marketplace (you can set your default in Settings)
  • New notifications drop-down
  • Messages and Friends now added under avatar drop-down
  • When you comment on a wall post, it now auto-follows the conversation (so that you are alerted to new activity). You can un-follow at any point.
  • zip code search - expanded search for outside the U.S.

    We're currently working on:

  • better implementation for "location" in the Marketplace
  • Social - new design layout for everything under Connect and Learn
  • better integration of the Marketplace listings into the Dashboard, integration of blog comments into the Dashboard, etc.
  • Marketplace - City pages showing new listings, earthineers, and events in your area
  • additional email notifications (such as new listings in your area that you're interested in, lifecycle messaging, etc)

    Features in the queue (priority items):

  • Farmer's Market pages
  • Payment gateway for sales in the Marketplace
  • Event System - Calendar to schedule events, and discover events going on near you. We'll also incorporate the marketplace into this to help folks schedule swap meets (and what each person is bringing to a swap)

    Other features in the queue (in no particular order):

  • Messages - conversations between multiple people
  • Walls - search function for your own Wall or a Group Wall to rediscover old discussions
  • Learn - categories
  • Brand pages - allow for the creation of brand pages where companies can manage their brand (and select individuals on earthineer who work for or are associated with their company)
  • New signup page (better on-boarding process) - guide through the process, connect you with groups, other earthineers, invite friends, etc.