Development Roadmap

We have a lot on our development roadmap, and we wanted to give you an idea on what we're working on, and where we're taking this. In the meantime, feel free to contact us.

Recently Deployed:

  • Groups - more group discovery options
  • Notifications alert - members will be alerted about Group invites, comments to their blogs, comments on their photos, etc.

    Deploying Soon:

  • Modify/Delete - allow wall post commends to be edited/deleted (just like wall posts)
  • Profile - interest "keywords" (we'll use this later to match you with groups you may be interested in)
  • Admin - curating content for the public feed (we'll be able to change out Public Feed content with more regularity and bring fresh content to the front).

    We're currently working on:

  • Pinning - All members to create pin boards and "pin" content from all over the internet (articles from Backwoods Home or Mother Earth News, blogs, etc). Members can also pin discussions from public groups (wall posts) for later perusal.
  • Trading - wireframing (the precursor to actually coding it)
  • New signup - connect with groups first
  • Group Discovery - display # of members, which of your friends belong to this group, location.
  • Group Discovery - a "more" button to load in additional groups
  • Group Disvovery - move search features to this page as well.

    Features in the queue (priority items):

  • Trading - facilitate food swaps, seed swaps, plant swaps, and services.
  • Support for mobile
  • Help Files and videos
  • Groups - pin boards for groups
  • Privacy - lots of privacy options
  • advertisement system
  • Settings - ability to change password, email address, close down account
  • Follow/Unfollow - notifications on posts, blogs, and groups you're interested in following

    Other features in the queue (in no particular order):

  • Questions - members can select topics that they can answer questions on (for example, "beekeeping"). Any questions asked by other members on that topic show up in their Questions Feed.
  • Modify/Delete - allow blog comments to be modified and deleted
  • zip code search - expanded search for outside the U.S.
  • Using @UserName to send notification or reply in a discussion
  • Wall post comments - ability to add photos to a comment
  • Messages - conversations between multiple people
  • Walls - search function for your own Wall or a Group Wall to rediscover old discussions
  • Public Feed - category search
  • Keywords - add keyword interests to user profile, keywords to blogs, pins, and questions.
  • Search - include friend and group searches to current search box
  • Brand pages - allow for the creation of brand pages where companies can manage their brand (and select individuals on earthineer who work for or are associated with their company)
  • Events - Calendar to schedule events, and discover events going on near you
  • New signup page - guide through the process, connect you with groups, other earthineers, invite friends, etc.